Dear fans, my musical life started very early, at the age of 7. Passionately practicing in front of the mirror holding an empty toilet paper roll – Imitating the songs of my lifetime Idol Elvis
Medical reasons put an abrupt end to my working career. The great passion for singing, performing – as well the advice of my partner and friends – made me decide to turn my passion into my profession.
My singing career had started and I suddenly went on the road as an Entertainer. I recorded an album and the reactions where overwhelming. The Album sold amazingly well and got me the attention I needed. For the last 10 years I have performed in several countries, I have worked with several travel agencies who have send me too many sunny locations. I traveled all across Europe as a hotel singer – which I did with great success. My music genre includes covers from several national and international super stars and the songs I have written and released by myself. I have also given presentations at trade shows – like Leather Shows in 3 languages, Talent Shows and I organized my own events. Many international artists have assisted me at my own CD presentations – and I thank and love you all for this.
I have arranged sponsors, organized marketing campaigns and I even arranged professional equipment for many events. Proud I am for the good contacts and network this accomplished.
Now 9.5 years later I have released 10 CD albums and several singles, I prefer to sing in English or German, although I am from Dutch Origin. The highest achievements – the ones I am very proud of – are my performances at the Feyenoord football stadium in Rotterdam – where I performed “you never walk alone” in front of 50.000 people and also at “Borrusia Dortmund” before 80.000 football fans
Other remarkable performance experience was during W.M.C – the World Music Contest in Kerkrade Netherlands – where I entertained – over 10,000 crazy people from all around the world.
The Germans say “Applause ist das Brot des Kuenstlers” which means something like:
A performer lives for his applause –FACT – because it always gives me that kick of motivation that keeps me going. Since 2010 I have exchanged my hometown Kerkrade (Netherlands) for a Super Holiday destination in Spain where I live and perform.
Next to the Spanish establishments I love to perform abroad. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom are countries I adore.
After all the years I still perform with lot of passion and with emotions coming straight from the heart
There is no way I want to quit. I love my Job and I did it …… My Way !

With musical regards
Entertainer Hein Van Kan.

For Bookings call 0034 – 658 527 523